CTBLN Honored by USBLN as the Spotlighted Affiliate for March 2015


CTBLN has been honored by the United States Business Leadership Network (USBLN) as the Spotlighted Affiliate for March 2015.  This honor was based on the hard work of Board President, Joe Wendover, our Secretary, Sandy Lavoy and Executive Director Sharon Denson to create a successful and active BLN in Connecticut.

In a note to our leadership, Lynn Kirkbride, Director of Affiliate Relations for the USBLN, congratulated CTBLN stating  “On behalf  the USBLN, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work and to congratulate your BLN on being the Spotlight Affiliate for March 2015. I think that your Spotlight will be of particular interest to our network since you restarted your BLN… You are not the only BLN in that  situation and I know that we look to each other for answers and helpful hints that contributed to your being able to get back on your feet. Thank you for being willing to share your journey.

I know that much of your success is due to the leadership of companies like Walgreens (Joe), the Travelers, Firestone Building Products, Northeast Utilities [Eversource], and Prudential Retirement as well as the steady work to support the BLN that Sharon has provided.  It sounds like the disability organizations that  partnered with you added to your success. Our hats go off to all of you for your intentional, creative and hard work which has now set CT BLN on a strong course with the potential to be more effective than ever before.

Please know that the USBLN values our Affiliates and is especially proud to  “spotlight” the great work of the CT BLN. Thank you again for all of your efforts to make our workplaces, marketplaces and supply chains more inclusive of people with disabilities. We value your “lessons learned” that will help other affiliates trying to renew their efforts as well. I am sure I will be sending others your way for guidance.  We look forward to hearing of the great things that CT BLN will do in 2015″ 

CTBLN would also like to take this opportunity to thank CW Resources, CBIA, Deloitte and ConnectiCare for their support, making it possible to achieve our continued success. We also could not have achieved this award without the dedication of individual members Angie Querido (our Treasurer), Uma Bahn and Marc Dupont of Sikorsky.

We look forward to a fantastic 2015 and your continued support.

To see the Spotlight article on the USBLN website go to: http://www.usbln.org/affiliate-spotlight.html

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